About DeafLEAD

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Welcome to DeafLEAD

Our Mission 

Our nonprofit organization was founded to provide Deaf and hard of hearing individuals comprehensive, unified and  continuous support in enhancing their own socioemotional development, communication skills, and leadership through  education within the state of Missouri.

Who We Serve

For over 25 years, we have served Deaf, DeafBlind, hard of hearing, and late-deafened victims of varying crimes and their  families all over the state of Missouri, particularly domestic violence and sexual assault. As we are the only organization in  the United States providing statewide direct services to Deaf, DeafBlind, hard of hearing, and late-deafened victims of  crime, service providers all over the country also benefit from our expertise in ensuring that the Deaf individuals and families  in their local communities are receiving culturally and linguistically appropriate services, such as first responders, law  enforcement, victim service agencies, shelters, mental health professionals, and circuit courts.  


Dr. Stephanie Logan 

Executive Director

Becky Beck, LCSW 

Clinical Services Coordinator

Teresa Brisley, MSW

Program Director/Crisis Intervention Specialist

Wendy Logan 

Volunteer Coordinator

Corinne Liedtke

Crisis Interpreter/Case Manager

Heidi Rich

Crisis Interpreter/Case Manager

Cory Rickabaugh

Crisis Interpreter/Case Manager

Ashley Pappineau, MSW

Social Worker/Victim Advocate

Tyler Hannsz

Lifeline Chat Program Director

Miranda Price Blattstein

Crisis Worker

Nicole Hohlt

Crisis Intervention Specialist

St. Louis DeafLEAD Staff

Stephanie Taksel, MSW

St. Louis Services Coordinator/Crisis Intervention Specialist

Beatrice Church

Victim Advocate

Tricia Garcia


Tricia Garcia

Vice President

Kim Williams


Kristin Rugen 


Ted Chapman

Quin Gresham

Angela Howard

Andrew Lovewell

Hans Liedtke

Megan Steen